The Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) has produced a human resources article in e-book format, written by Rosemund Warrington, the HR and Organisational Development and Effectiveness (ODE) Specialist at CARICAD and also officially the Assistant Director of the institution.

There is currently a lot of discussion regarding the impact of COVID-19 on, and implications for working practices and the management of human resources in Public Service Organisations (PSOs).

It feels like the world of work has become more demanding in an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). The role of Human Resources Management (HRM) must therefore be re-thought.

HRM can no longer be predominantly an administrative function. PSOs must reset the HR compass to remain relevant and for any real change involving people, process, structure, systems, skills, technology and the like, to occur in a transformative manner.

The paper identifies eight major HRMbased focus areas that PSOs must consider to combat VUCA. These are: 1. Re-organising Services; 2. Re-considering HR Analytics; 3.

Re-examining Institutional Mechanisms; 4.

Re-modeling to achieve a digital workplace; 5. Re-thinking employment arrangements; 6.

Re-orienting employee support; 7. Re-training and retooling; and 8. Re-evaluating roles and responsibilities.

The time has come for PSOs to move beyond talk to action, ensuring that HRM is responsive and adds value to strategic planning and organisational results.

For more information on CARICAD, visit CARICAD’s website (PR)

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