Learning takes place best when the sessions are


Practical and interactive


Designed to encourage learning by doing


Designed to reinforce the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to facilitate increased awareness and understanding of the issues.

Our presentation styles will support learning methods which rely on interacting and reviewing material with other participants and instructors.
Our discussion groups are intended to stimulate thinking and increase levels of participation and engagement.

4 hours duration

Target Participants:



HR Personnel

Potential/Future organisational leaders


1. Investigations and disciplinary hearings- the do’s and don’ts.

2. The Rights and responsibilities of employers and their employees.

3. Managing conflict – a management perspective.

4. The Employment Prevention of Discrimination Act – what every employer should know.

5. Employment Rights Revisited – More on the Employment Rights Act.

6. The Safety and Health and Work Act – is your business compliant?

7. The Supervisor Sandwich – how can the supervisor be more effective in the role.

8. Effective Labour Relations - Communication and negotiation in Covid times.

9. Steps to effective problem solving and grievance handling at work.

10. Effective Labour Relations – Partnership and Dialogue - Best practices for effective workplace collaboration

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