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Labour Relations Training

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Labour Relations Training

Are you confident that you are satisfying your legal obligations as employer? Are you complying with local labour legislation?

Are your team members trained in collective bargaining? Have they been taught managing union relationships to maintain a stable working environment?

Your workplace is not unionized you say. But do you know that it can be at any time?

We will help you reduce the knowledge gaps in your workplace. Bring your managers, supervisors, team members, and shop stewards up to date on

New and existing employment legislation

Employment relations policy and procedural guidelines

Conflict Management

Can your HR Department benefit from additional technical support?
We offer the following:

Liaising and Negotiating with Trade Unions

Guidance on decisions to terminate

Guidance regarding warning and disciplinary letters

Facilitating Disciplinary Meetings

Representation at the Employment Rights Tribunal

Representation at the Labour Department

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