Was your business prepared for the many changes and challenges of the last year?

Can you manage the diverse employment relations and labour management issues that keep emerging?

Can you do anything now to reduce the chance of people issues disrupting your operations?

Welcome To Lifeline Labour Solutions

Because your business is unique you must look now to develop employee relations and labour management strategies that are as unique as your people and your business.

What services do we offer?


Legal Compliance


Conflict Management


Guidance regarding warning and disciplinary letters


Facilitating Disciplinary Meetings


Guidance on decisions to terminate


Labour Relations Training


Liaising and Negotiating with Trade Unions


Representation at conciliation meetings


Representation at the Employment Rights Tribunal


Guidance on employment contracts

Why do you need us now?

We offer employment and labour relations support. This is a key component of effective business management and today, these skills are more important than ever.

We focus on conflict management – it is the solid foundation upon which the success of all other HR initiatives and interventions rest.

HR practitioners can become overwhelmed by the requirements of continuous conflict management and need competent technical and emotional support. Give your practitioners the support they need.

Flexible pricing options available

Labour Relations Specialists

About Us

Lifeline Labour Solutions is a boutique partnership providing labour management solutions to workplace challenges. Partners Carol-ann Jordan and Jacqueline Belgrave are established practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Employment Relations, Labour Relations and Human Resource Management between them.

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